Gavin Varejes and Cell C Present the Goodwave Surfing Event

32 South African Surfers – Only One Day

The time for the eagerly awaited Goodwave Surfing event in Durban is drawing near. Presented by Cell C with the support of sports fanatic Gavin Varejes, who is also the executive advisor of the South African Surfing Legends, Goodwave is a premier surfing event that takes place in South Africa’s sunniest coastal city. The clock has been ticking since February when the waiting period for the event officially opened and everybody involved is now getting really excited.

Only The Best Are Selected

As the spectators’ anticipation is building, participants are making sure they are in tip-top shape to show the limits of their endurance. 32 of South Africa’s top surfers will be competing for their spot in the sunshine at the Goodwave event where high-performance surfing is expected from a range of incredibly talented individuals. A further 32 surfers were selected as substitutes. The 64 surfers are either familiar names from the country’s surfing scene or carefully selected newcomers to South African shores. Competitors will take part in four-man sets with knock-outs until the last surfer standing wins the grand prize of R100, 000.

A Unique Surfing Event From Barry Wolins and Gavin Varejes

Started by Barry Wolins, a legendary local surfer, the Goodwave event is one of a kind. This is because the date it happens on is determined by the weatherman close to the time. Surfers and spectators only know when it happens two days before the event. The reason behind this is simply every surfer’s dream: the quest for the perfect wave. Although the waiting starts during the first couple of months of the year, the competition date is only announced once experts are pretty sure that the weather will bring big swells. Like Barry Wolins, Gavin Varejes is passionate about surfing and has been for almost 50 years. Varejes calls Goodwave a ‘competition of the highest calibre’.

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