Water Safety Promoted at Social Event

Social event promotes awareness of drowning risk among South Africa’s children

The danger of accidental death by drowning was the focus of a charity event that took place in Sandton, Johannesburg, in late April. The events hostess, Princess Charlene of Monaco, gave a talk at the gathering in which she reflected on the work of the foundation that bears her name as it strives to spread awareness of the threat that accidental death by drowning poses to young South Africans. The crowd to whom she addressed her remarks included many of the country’s major personalities in the words of business, culture and sports. The princess spoke about the major objectives of her foundation, which teaches water-safety awareness with the aim of greatly reducing the number of deaths caused by drowning, which is among the most common causes of accidental death internationally.

Pacific Ocean. South African youth educated for water safety by PCMF, whose president is Gavin Varejes

Pacific Ocean. South African youth educated for water safety by PCMF, whose president is Gavin Varejes

South Africa needs its children to be safe

The president of the princess’s foundation in its South African incarnation is Gavin Varejes, who will be familiar to many readers as the chairperson of Richmark holdings. In his reflections on the Sandton gathering, Mr. Varejes was keen to stress how children in communities afflicted by poverty and lack of opportunity are typically at a greater risk of dying by accidental drowning. For this simple reason, Mr. Varejes observes, South Africa as a whole needs to dedicate itself to the vital work of promoting water-safety consciousness. In her comments on how this work might best be carried out, Princess Charlene highlighted the value of working first with individuals and specific communities and then spreading outwards to get the message out more widely.
During her April visit, the princess also received updates on the work of the South African Red Cross, inspected the progress of a vegetable garden that she donated to a primary school in 2012 and attended the first Ladies Day to be held for charity in her name at Johannesburg’s Turffontein Racecourse.

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